An entry level semi-modular synth for eurorack systems
DECKARD’S VOICE is a starting point for Eurorack systems but a giant leap into synthesis possibilities. It combines the rich sounds of the DECKARD’S DREAM circuitry and approach with comprehensive modular patchability. The hands-on sonic architecture fits in a compact space, with complete voltage control of each element.
Essence of Deckard

The complete DECKARD’S DREAM architecture is here in modular form - meaning this is an excellent entry-level semi-modular instrument or gateway into Eurorack modular or a way of augmenting an existing rig with these iconic classic Japanese synth sounds and tactile controls. You’ll find the 100% analog oscillators with pulse, saw, and sine waves, plus a dedicated noise source with attenuator, discrete highpass and lowpass filters with resonance, and unique envelope controls (IL-AL-ADR).

Modulation and performance powerhouse

DECKARD’S VOICE also features extensive internal and external modulation possibilities. There’s a dedicated LFO for Pulse Width Modulation internally, plus an LFO with sine, saw, square, smooth, and stepped random output. As on the full DECKARD’S DREAM, you also have an output VCA with ADSR envelope and the ability to dial in velocity control from an external controller - meaning the DECKARD’S VOICE can be just as playable as an instrument as its desktop counterpart.

Dedicated outputs, complete voltage inputs

The sonic range of DECKARD’S DREAM comes alive with modular patchability. You’ll find dedicated outputs for each analog waveform - square, saw, sine, and noise, plus mix output. There’s also a separate envelope output, so you can use DECKARD’S VOICE as an envelope generator and an LFO out to use it as a versatile modulation source. And everything here is under full voltage control: 1v/octave pitch, frequency modulation, gate, LFO speed, PWM speed, brilliance, velocity, and sync. The filter has a dedicated audio input, so you can use it with external sources.

Easy to accommodate

Whether this is the cornerstone of a skiff or a chance to add a world of analog oscillators, envelopes, and modulation sources, DECKARD’S VOICE fits all of these patch points and controls into 32HP. It’s “entry-level” in that you can start a semi-modular system and play right away since you won’t be hunting for an envelope generator, VCA, and LFO just to make something useful - making this an extraordinary value. But that same generous feature complement will make it equally at home in a larger setup where you’re always ready for extra VCOs, VCA, envelopes, filter, and modulation - here with the unmistakable DECKARD’S DREAM sound.


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User manual for DECKARD'S VOICE

An efficient tool for firmware updates, microtuning and presets management.


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