8-voice analogue synthesizer with polyphonic aftertouch, MPE and microtuning.
Unmatchable analog warmth meets modern expressive control on XERXES. The richly organic sound of the Elka Synthex stands alone among both vintage and modern instruments. XERXES’ design draws on the foundation of an Italian classic – formed into a device with unprecedented precision and newly imagined possibilities.
Lush topographies
Lush topographies

XERXES features two digitally-controlled analog oscillators combined with a multimode analog filter, white and pink noise generators, comprehensive envelope and modulation control, and an analog BBD chorus with three operating modes. It’s an architecture that exudes warmth.

Control and drift
Control and drift

The oscillator section has been painstakingly engineered with authentic character and an expanded, stable frequency range (0.1Hz-20kHz). Each of the 16 numerically-controlled analog oscillators has the option of triangle, saw, square, and PWM waveforms with oscillator sync, variable phase control, ring modulation, and complex cross-modulation including unique Pulse Amplitude Modulation between oscillators. Everything is fully accessible on the panel, including white/pink noise sources with level, master and +/- 7 semitone tuning, plus XERXES’ unique drift controls. The digital tuning control on XERXES is stable by design, but you can dial in exactly the amount of analog-style drift you desire.

Flexible filters, modulation depths
Flexible filters, modulation depths

The onboard analog filters, one per voice, offer 24dB/octave lowpass, 12dB/octave highpass, and switchable 6dB/oct-12dB/oct bandpass modes. In addition to keyboard tracking and the LFOs and envelopes, you can assign filter operation to MIDI, polyphonic aftertouch, and MPE. Four-stage amp and filter envelopes also have dedicated controls. Xerxes features two LFOs with 6 waveforms each, which can be independently assigned to oscillator 1/2 pitch, filter modulation, amplitude modulation, pulse width,  and even oscillator 2 sync phase. With all those options, you’ll welcome 1320 total preset memories, including 128 factory programs, a 40-patch vintage bank, and 9 user banks of 128 patches each.

Analog chorus
Analog chorus

Thick, luscious chorus is a big part of the legacy of the Elka. Here, that heritage is reinterpreted with a distinctive stereo analog Bucket Brigade Device (BBD) chorus. Three fixed settings let you adjust to taste: a slow chorus, a wetter, wider chorus, or a wide, string ensemble-style effect.

XERXES MK2 - Sequence 01 by ATOM™
XERXES MK2 - Sequence 02 by ATOM™
XERXES MK2 - Sequence 03 by ATOM™
XERXES MK2 - Sequence 04 by ATOM™
XERXES MK2 - Sequence 05 by ATOM™
XERXES MK2 - Sequence 06 by ATOM™
XERXES MK2 - Sequence 07 by ATOM™
XERXES MK2 - blast from the past by black corporation
XERXES MK2 - bass and lead by black corporation
XERXES MK2 - synth wave by black corporation
XERXES MK2 - pads reverb by black corporation
XERXES MK2 - deep lead by black corporation
XERXES MK2 - italo 1 by black corporation
XERXES MK2 - Italo 2 by black corporation
Broad performance options

XERXES can operate in monophonic, 8-voice polyphonic, or unison modes - yes, that’s a full, buttery 8-voice analog unison. But it doesn’t stop there: you have 1-4 voice layering modes, an expanded VCA section with VCA level controls, and the option of polyphonic LFO operation. There are even special performance modes that can fine-tune the interaction between XERXES and external controllers, and key assigner modes inspired by both the Yamaha CS-80 and Synthex. We’ve applied the craft acquired on instruments like DECKARD'S DREAM to our full range, cross-pollinating the best of hybrid synthesizers. Paired with MPE and polyphonic aftertouch, you can shape XERXES into an instrument all your own.

The complete package

XERXES’ compact body concentrates enormous sonic power in 440x180x70 mm. Both rack ears and mounting screws are provided, but it can also be used in its standard desktop configuration. Our revised MK2 edition offers updated circuitry, a sleek new dark panel design, and a redesigned VCA section with balanced output via USB and audio. True stereo operation routes the 3 analog BBD delay lines independently to the two stereo balanced outputs. XERXES also provides headphone and isolated USB and DIN MIDI in/out/thru.

xerxes mk2 - dry 01 by black corporation
xerxes mk2 - dry 02 by black corporation
xerxes mk2 - dry 03 by black corporation
xerxes mk2 - dry 04 by black corporation
xerxes mk2 - dry 05 by black corporation
xerxes mk2 - dry 06 by black corporation
xerxes mk2 - dry 07 by black corporation
xerxes mk2 - dry 08 by black corporation

XERXES MK2 support

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Firmware: current version
2024-02-27 – OS 1.1.1 adds an important fix for syncing issues with XERXES MK2. For a full list of changes, see the release notes.
OS 1.1.1
A detailed user manual for XERXES MK2

An efficient tool for firmware updates, microtuning and presets management.


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