8-voice analogue synthesizer with polyphonic aftertouch, MPE and microtuning.
DECKARD'S DREAM MK2 is every bit as evocative as the iconic Japanese instrument which inspired it, now in a form that is finally obtainable and expressive in a way the original was not. With organic, nuanced sound, a deliciously subtle combination of independent filters for each oscillator, and dedicated controls for each layer, sumptuous results are always within reach.

Shipping in July 2024.
Layers of character

Each of DDRM’s eight voices has two identically layered parts with 100% analog oscillators and discrete waveshapers. Combine pulse, saw, noise, and sine waves together for multi-strata timbral thickness, with tuning that is rich and unmistakably organic – slightly imperfect by design. Each oscillator has its own high-pass and low-pass filters with dedicated cutoff and resonance, applied before they are mixed together, for a wonderfully nuanced sound. Individual faders for the waveforms let you mix them freely, and the filter has its own distinctive multi-segment envelope, on top of the VCA’s ADSR envelope.

Hands-on performance

DECKARD'S DREAM has itself achieved cult-like status for its arrays of faders, delivering one-per-function controls across this expansive sound architecture. Global pitch control (with separate course and fine adjustment), mixing, detuning, filtering, and LFO (sub oscillator, across filter, pitch, and amplifier) provide tactile manipulation across layers and turn the panel into a performance interface. Adjust portamento/glissando globally from their own dedicated controls, too, across both layers.

Precision expressions

Even though it lacks a keyboard of its own, DECKARD'S DREAM provides complete MPE and polyphonic aftertouch support, and unique facilities for dialing that expression in across layers and parameters. Set your keyboard/controller of choice to map touch to sound with separate controls for brilliance and level (for low and high registers), and touch response for pitch bend, oscillator, and filter, all with eminently musical controls. These are controls you won’t find on most other synthesizers, and here they’re provided as hands-on controls without diving into menus. Store presets with 128 patch memories each for 9 user banks, and as with the rest of our line, access complete MIDI control and full tuning/microtuning support, standard.

MK2 package

DECKARD'S DREAM MK2 removes nothing from previous editions, but comes in a new thinner, lighter tabletop package, with both wood sides and metal rack ears included to configure as you wish. You’ll find a complete complement of MIDI in/out/thru, balanced audio output and USB. New for the MK2, control for sustain modes and time have been expanded. DECKARD'S DREAM has never been as playable or more easy to take home, to a studio, or on stage.

DECKARD'S DREAM - Neon Night by Black Corporation
DECKARD'S DREAM - Reverbed by Black Corporation
DECKARD'S DREAM - Fire Walk With Me by Black Corporation
DECKARD'S DREAM - brass by Black Corporation
DECKARD'S DREAM - lush by Black Corporation
DECKARD'S DREAM - OSC Test by Black Corporation
DECKARD'S DREAM - Two Layers Soundscape by Black Corporation
DECKARD'S DREAM - Jericho Bass by Black Corporation
DECKARD'S DREAM - dragonfly bass by Black Corporation
DECKARD'S DREAM - Sequence by Black Corporation


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Firmware: current version
2024-04-18 – OS 2.3.0
OS 2.3.0
Firmware: previous version
2023-05-10 – OS 1.5.0
OS 1.5.0

An efficient tool for firmware updates, microtuning and presets management.


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